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What’s going on at Fed Ex? Has the purple promise fallen short? I was reading the Fed Ex Freight Forums on one of the trucking boards and boy it looks like Fed Ex may be having more problems than just the current economic downturn. Numerous changes in operations as well as changes in rules have gotten a majority of the employees in an uproar. The dreaded “Union” word has been brought up in many of the ltl freight trucking forums across the net. Many of these changes have the drivers claiming that safety is being overlooked in order to save a buck. This wouldn’t suprise me, as I have seen this type of behaviour many times before. Take this post about fed ex freights new changes Is Safety Out The Window? It would seem to me that these drivers have some legitimate concerns. That is if what these drivers claim Fed Ex is doing is really going on. I have seen companies make horrible decisions just to save a dollar. With the current financial crisis, I expect to see more trucking companies make cuts in everything from personel to safety. It’s the nature of the beast.

Now if the powers that be continue to run the Fed Ex machine in the same direction as it appears they are headed, the Teamsters may not be too far behind. I found another interesting post on a trucking forum. This post was about respect. Respect is something that has long left corporate America. Most companies have forgotten that it’s the employees and customers who run the business. Not the shareholders. This guy hit it dead on in regard to respect, and the union Red Carpet


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What does one look for in truckingboards?

What does one look for in truckingboards?

When traversing the world wide web, searching for a truck drivers forum to call home, where do you start? Where do you go? What do you look for?  I for one look to find a truck drivers message forum that is very inviting to the eye. The site has to be designed well. I also look for a friendly place where I don’t have to worry about speaking my mind. I’d have to say the biggest problem I find with truckingboards message forums, is freedom of speech. Most of the truck driver boards online today squash any attempt at freedom of speech. Heaven forbid you disagree with a moderator or the board owner. Instant banning lies ahead! Some truckingboards are just boring. Not much happening. Those aren’t any fun either. Certain issues that are important to me may not be important to you. You have to find the happy medium I guess. But when I call an ltl truckingboard home, it has to be a site that embraces freedom of speech.

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